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USAID Cooperation for Growth

The USAID Cooperation for Growth (CFG) Project is a four-year activity aiming to improve conditions for broad-based economic growth through improvements in the Serbian business enabling environment.


The Project`s stakeholders are both from the public and private sector and through interaction with them the Project will focus on accomplishing results that drive growth opportunities for Serbian SMEs.

The Project will address business environment improvements to simplify and streamline the regulatory framework, as well as standardize and monitor its implementation. On the other side, the focus will also be on diversifying and increasing the number of financial products available to Serbian SMEs.
By facilitating improvements that have an impact on the predictability and stability of the business environment, the Project will foster and promote the culture of ongoing public-private dialogue, trust and cooperation between the regulators and SMEs.

Our activities started in January 2018.


Addressed business environment
The project will address business environment improvements to simplify and streamline the regulatory framework that applies to businesses at national and municipal levels, as well as standardize and monitor its implementation, particularly in tax administration and inspections oversight.

SME financing
It will also identify and support improvements in systems for SME financing by addressing both sides of the finance issue:
(1) improvements in expanding the availability and diversification of financial products; and
(2) improvements in borrower financial management and governance practices and skills.
To support these core objectives the CFG will also strengthen private and public sector cooperation and dialogue through pilot projects designed to build a range of stakeholder capacities to engage in public-private dialogue. Stakeholder partners will build local networks to bring issues to the attention of appropriate policy-makers, problem-solve, and support reform implementation. It will identify problematic behaviors, lack of communication and the reasons for them that are contributing to the business environment and finance obstacles. CFG will introduce and apply a variety of tools to help change attitudes and behaviors in institutions and individuals.

Key facts

Presentation at London Regulatory Conference 2018
The CFG Project will work with stakeholders at national-level government institutions, grass-roots associations such as the Inspections Network of Serbia, business associations, informal coalitions of businesses, financial institutions and local governments to facilitate greater dialogue and cooperation to improve the predictability and transparency of the business environment.
Project funded by:
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID/Serbia)
Project implemented by:
Cardno Emerging Markets USA, Ltd.
Key counterparts:
• Ministry of Finance;
• Ministry of Economy;
• Inspectorates at the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy,
• Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications;
• Ministry of Agriculture,
• Ministry of Health;
• Public Policy Secretariat;
• Tax Authority;
• National Bank of Serbia;
• SMEs/Business Associtions;
• Banking and other associations
Where we work:
Project duration:
January 2018 - January 2022
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