USAID Cooperation for Growth Project

The third cycle of the online survey "Together through the crisis"

The Serbian Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with USAID′s Cooperation for Growth Project is launching the third cycle of business surveys as part of the "Together through the Crisis" survey on the economic aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

This is the final phase of the research started in March this year, in order to better respond to the demands of the economy by monitoring the changes in business caused by the crisis.

The focus of the research, a month after the lifting of the state of emergency, are the types of obstacles that businesses see on the road to recovery. Also, the survey should provide answers to how many firms are part of global value chains, what are their recovery strategies from the crisis, and in particular, what measures have been taken to return to pre-crisis levels.

The questionnaire is designed to provide relevant answers by time intervals in the total duration of the crisis, as well as by sectors, regional representation, size of the company. Since this is the final questionnaire in the research, it will also provide a unified overview of the trends in the companies that participated in the research in all three cycles.

The questionnaire is available here.

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