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It is all in a trust

The second “Cro Commerce 2020” conference on e- commerce was held in Zagreb last week and one of the participants was Aleksandar Zarić, Business Environment Director at The USAID Cooperation for Growth Project.

Under the slogan “It is all in a trust”, the main topic of the conference was strengthening the trust in e-commerce of both customers and businesses, for whom this type of trade represents a unique opportunity for growth.

Aleksandar Zaric presented the activities carried out by USAID's Cooperation for Growth Project over the last two years in e-commerce emphasizing ones dedicated to strengthening the trust and cooperation of the state, private sector, entrepreneurs, consumers and all participants in the e-Commerce chain. He highlighted that the knowledge is in the basis of trust in e-commerce. "Consumers are not educated about e-commerce and they are also very insecure about online trade," he said, explaining that customers are not informed about the online shopping process and security, and in line with that they are afraid of online payments. According to the findings of a survey conducted by our Project, the main barrier for retailers is the lack of information and lack of knowledge about setting up and running e-shops.

When it comes to trust, according to Zaric’s opinion, the mark of trust in e-commerce is very important. "It is important especially for pure electronic retailers who cannot count on the transfer of trust from a classic store like multichannel retailers," he concluded.

The “Cro Commerce 2020” conference was organized by the eCommerce association of Croatia. Apart from trust issues in e-commerce, the event also covered following topics: the creation of web shop, e-commerce security, customer relations, delivery organization and other challenges that accompany this growing industry.

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