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Pojacalo Caravan visiting Nis for the first time

After five successful meetings, Pojacalo has outgrown Belgrade and is now promoting knowledge-sharing, cooperation and entrepreneurship across Serbia, through live MSMEs meet-ups.

On Thursday, November 21, the first such gathering was held outside of Belgrade, in Nis, hosted by USAID CFG Project as a part of the Pojacalo Caravan. The event in Nis gathered over 100 people, and it consisted of a lecture and a panel, both aiming to help MSMEs unlock their full growth potentials. The veteran serial entrepreneur Ivan Minic shared lessons and cases on creating a successful small business, providing unique insights on “What makes some small businesses more successful than others”. During the “e-Commerce for beginners” panel, experienced e-Commerce businesses had the opportunity to share insights and advice to their peers regarding the overcoming of regulatory and administrative challenges in setting up the e-Commerce business. As usual, after the panel discussions ended, the participants had the pleasure of engaging in networking and further exchange of ideas.

Every other month, the Pojacalo Caravan will be visiting various cities around Serbia. USAID CFG Project aims to increase cooperation between MSMEs across Serbia, build the capacity to overcome their day-to-day challenges, as well as enhance their sustainable growth.

You can see the photos from the event here.

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