USAID Cooperation for Growth Project

Learning goes digital for inspectors and civil servants

Their launch of the online learning platform was marked on 11 Feb 2020 when the LMS was presented and a panel discussion on e-learning in public service was organized. The panelists from State Human Resources Management Office, United Nations Development Program, Government Office of Information Technology, Standing Conference of Cities and Municipalities, as well as Milan Stefanovic, Inspection Expert and Momir DJekic, Chief Disruption Officer at TeleGroup Innovation discussed the opportunities that technology brings to learning and professional development and what public service can learn and take over from the private sector emphasizing, among other things, gamification in learning.

The panel discussion proved that digitalization of public services is perhaps one of the major challenges for inspectors and civil servant more broadly and better understanding of digital working environment, digital government services to businesses and citizens would be most useful next training area for Serbian civil service. The panel was organized with the support of the OSCE and USAID’s Cooperation for Growth Project and was attended by 80 participants with live streaming for all who were unable to attend.

The USAID Cooperation for Growth Project and OSCE support development of online learning program for inspection oversight scheduled to start end of February 2020. Online training program for inspection oversight is prioritized given the expected number of new coming inspectors as a more effective way of getting core knowledge of the Law on Inspection Oversight.

NAPA finalized development of the online learning platform (LMS) and with the support of USAID CFG and OSCE developed first two online programs developed, one for Inspection Oversight and the other for general Administrative Procedures. This marks the very beginning of online learning for inspectors and Serbian civil servants in general and an important step towards modern, more cost-effective and more sustainable professional development.

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