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“Specifically for SME” – employment law and GDPR during the crisis

The 5th edition of the online panel series “Specifically for SME”, that we have been conducting in cooperation with ICT Hub since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, was dedicated to the employment law and GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation). It was held on Wednesday, 6th of May.

There has been a range of issues related to both employment law and GDPR during the crisis, while many concerns for employers and employees on these topics have also been rising since the #COVID 19 started. The latest issue of online panel series gathered Boris Radojcic and Katarina Zivkovic, experts on law from the “Samardzic, Oreski i Grbovic” law company and Dunja Hasanovic, HR expert from ‘’I&F Group’’ marketing and creative agency. The moderators of the panel were Dragana Stanojevic, Chief of Party at USAID’s Cooperation for Growth Project and Slobodan Trivic, Reform Specialist at USAID’s Cooperation for Growth Project.

Successful organizations readjusted their business models and tried to maintain a strong sense of purpose for the business during the crisis. From employment law and GDPR perspective, it has been crucial for organizations to build the trust with employees in the state of emergency, our panelist concluded. They also tried to explain how to cope with data protection rules in times of the coronavirus pandemic and what are the rights and obligations of employers as well as employees during the crisis?

In cooperation with ICT Hub, The USAID Cooperation for Growth Project launched series of online panels named „Specifically, for SME”, devoted to small and medium enterprises and aimed to help small businesses to cope with business challenges in the state of emergency due to coronavirus pandemic.

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