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„Specifically, for SME” – eCommerce in the crisis

The second ‘’Specifically for SME’’ panel dedicated to eCommerce, as one the ‘’hot economy topics’’ during the COVID 19 pandemic, was held on Wednesday, April 15.

Under the slogan "e-Commerce - now!", the panel gathered some of the most important and influential eCommerce players in the domestic market. Marko Popović (entrepreneur and creator of the service), Stevan Cvetković (entrepreneur and creator of - online sales and delivery of fruits and vegetables) and Marko Ilić (member of the Board of Directors of the e-Commerce Association of Serbia, co-founder and development manager at discussed eCommerce as a solution for small businesses in the current situation and provided pieces of advice for entrepreneurs how to switch their business to online. It was also analyzed what small businesses can do "now and immediately" to adapt to the crisis. The moderators of the panel were Kosta Andrić (ICT Hub) and Aleksandar Zarić, Director of Business Environment Improvement of the USAID Economic Development Cooperation Project.

Participants agreed that constant agility is always important but it is crucial in the crisis when e-commerce has proven to be a "lifeline" for many businesses as well as users. They also agreed with the assessment that the market will certainly not return to the state before the crisis, after which the conversation turned to the real challenges that participants face every day in business.

Specific experiences and advice on important topics were presented, such as payment methods, delivery challenges and food spoilage issues, resource optimization, communication with customers, issuing fiscal invoices, trust issues, and trust marks, laws that businesses should pay attention to.

In cooperation with ICT Hub, The USAID Cooperation for Growth Project launched series of online panels named „Specifically, for SME”, devoted to small and medium enterprises and aimed to help small businesses to cope with business challenges in the state of emergency due to coronavirus pandemic.

To watch the panel, please, click here

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