USAID Cooperation for Growth Project

The manual for food businesses during the COVID 19 pandemic

In cooperation with the Department of Agriculture Inspection within the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia, USAID’s Cooperation for Growth Project prepared “Manual for food businesses during the COVID 19 pandemic”.

It was published on the website of the ministry, on the following link

The goal of this document is to help food businesses (food producers and food retailers) with the most common food safety concerns they may have during the COVID 19 pandemic. It also provides a set of practical recommendations for food businesses on how to cope and keep working safely during the pandemic and in the period of heightened risk and caution after the crisis.

Stable food supply has been one of the most important priorities in Serbia since the COVID 19 pandemic has been declared in the country, while a considerable effort has been made to provide enough food all around the country. Therefore, it is necessary for food businesses to revise some of their operating procedures in accordance with the new situation. This document, made on the basic recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the World Health Organization (WHO), is aimed at helping food businesses to better understand measures that must be taken at facilities to protect employees and consumers, as well as to preserve a certain level of production and turnover during the crisis.

If you are interested in the manual, please click here to download it.

Development of the manual is just one of the activities, USAID CFG has conducted in the process of the implementation of the Law on Inspection Oversight, focusing on strengthening inspections activities under the food sector. We promote and encourage a new inspection approach based on prevention, compliance, self-checks, and digital technologies.

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