Cardno is an international consulting firm, with expertise in the development and improvement of physical and social infrastructure for communities around the world. Cardno is implementing a USAID funded project in Serbia and is looking for qualified individuals to join our Belgrade based team.

We are looking for

Ecommerce for SMEs Training Development Experts  


USAID Cooperation for Growth Project (USAID CFG), implemented by Cardno Emerging Markets USA, is a 4-year initiative launched in 2018. The project helps improve conditions for broad-based economic growth through improvements in Serbia’s business enabling environment.

This assignment will assist USAID CFG efforts under Objective 1: Improved Business Environment and Related Administrative Efficiency in Selected Areas, Subobjective O1.1: Develop e-Commerce ecosystem for SME access to markets. USAID CFG’s primary beneficiaries (SME growth drivers and firms that are potentially in this category) will benefit from the e-commerce ecosystem that will support SMEs to develop means to engage in business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B) e-commerce and export. An important part of this ecosystem is the e-Commerce Association of Serbia (ECS) and its newly formed e-Commerce Training Academy.  This assignment will assist the ECS and its Training Academy.

Ecommerce has opened tremendous new opportunities for micro, small and mid-size enterprises (MSMEs) to export and grow. Using global ecommerce and payment platforms to connect to tens of millions of online buyers, online sellers are highly likely to export, export to multiple markets, and derive most of their revenue from exports – as opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar businesses of which only a small minority export, and typically only to one or two markets. This enables firms to participate in global value chains and directly access customers in foreign markets in ways previously only feasible for large and established companies from advanced economies.

USAID CFG’s Annual Business Survey indicates that companies in Serbia strongly acknowledge the importance of e-commerce. Yet small number of companies own a webshop (12%), and even smaller online payment options (8%), which is the real ecommerce (and instant access to finance and liquidity). According to both the USAID CFG comprehensive Baseline Study on e-commerce in Serbia, and the Government of Serbia E-commerce Development Program for 2019-2020 with the Action Plan (adopted in October 2019), lack of knowledge is the top barrier to e-commerce in Serbia, followed by the shadow economy. Furthermore, the research shows that MSMEs are unable to obtain the necessary information about how to incorporate e-commerce in their marketing and that they lack knowledge on how to comply with the set of laws and bylaws that regulate e-commerce (related to market inspection, tax, customs, etc.).

In order to properly attend to the mentioned issues, USAID CFG is seeking local short-term experts.

Scope of Work

The short-term experts shall:

  • Design the educational modules for SMEs to be delivered through the ECS eCommerce Academy;
  • Prepare the training materials for the educational modules for SMEs to be delivered through the ECS eCommerce Academy;
  • Deliver the trainings for SMEs through the ECS eCommerce Academy;

As part of USAID CFG’s overall approach, this activity is based on the Private Sector Engagement concept (USAID Private Sector Engagement Policy). It allows USAID CFG to leverage local expertise and resources to build a self-reliant, market-based ecosystem that supports SMEs to engage in e-commerce, by partnering with the self-sustainable support system that will expend the effect way beyond the lifetime of USAID CFG – the ECS and its Academy.


Capacities Required for Position

  • Advanced degree in finance, economy, business or related filed (masters/MBA would be a plus);
  • Current position in business sector related to ecommerce, preferably on manager’s level;
  • Proven, hands on experience in establishing, running and supporting larger scale ecommerce businesses;
  • A track record of designing and delivering training programs for SMEs, preferably in e-commerce or marketing;
  • Full computer literacy;
  • Excellent English and Serbian written skills;

Capacities Desired for Position

  • Skilled trainer, with knowledge and application of modern, interactive training methodologies;
  • Expertise in e-commerce development and marketing strategies;
  • Experience in working with business associations and developing their capacity to deliver training or other services;
  • Prior experience in in-house or external trainings related to ecommerce;

To apply please submit a CV and one-page cover letter in English. Only the shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Deadline for applications:

February 21, 2020

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