Open Days with Inspectors in October

During October, Open Days with inspectors have continued, recognized by businesses as a great opportunity to use the advisory role of the inspections for talks and clearing of doubts and concerning their rights and obligations.  

The latest gathering was successfully held in Krusevac on October 9, while the next city is Cacak, scheduled for October 29.

Since the first gathering in Belgrade in late March, hundreds of businesses had the chance to ask any question they have for Tax Authority, Market, Labor, Sanitary and Agricultural Inspectors, and talk about challenges from their respective areas. Beside the concrete advice and clearing of doubts, the equally important part of Open Days with inspectors is strengthening of the dialogue, understanding and cooperation of the two sides, in the interest of all: more efficient business, compliance to regulation and growth of the economy, for the benefit of citizens and society as a whole.

Open Days with Inspectors are organized by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, together with USAID Cooperation for Growth Project and the EU Improvement of the Business Environment Project.

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