About the project

The USAID Cooperation for Growth (CFG) Project is a four-year activity aiming to improve conditions for broad-based economic growth through improvements in the Serbian business enabling environment.
The Project will address business environment improvements to simplify and streamline the regulatory framework, as well as standardize and monitor its implementation. On the other side, the focus will also be on diversifying and increasing the number of financial products available to Serbian SMEs.
Presentation for Market Inspectorate


It is all in a trust

The second “Cro Commerce 2020” conference on e- commerce was held in Zagreb last week and one of the participants was Aleksandar Zarić, Business Environment Director at The USAID Cooperation for Growth Project.

How do innovative companies can finance their growth?

In order to improve access to finance of SME companies in Serbia we have been implementing „Innovative companies and SMEs equity financing program “.

Seminar on e-Commerce held in Pirot

The first educational seminar for small businesses “e-Commerce – a chance you should not miss” was held in Contracting Chamber of Economy Pirot District on February 20.


These are the open solicitations of USAID Cooperation for Growth Project:

The overall goal of the Solicitations program is to identify partners who can assist the Project`s goals and enrich its activities with fresh perspectives, support and enhance the capacity of Serbian SMEs for growth and encourage cooperation between the public and private sectors.

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)

Deadlines for submission: November 1, 2019; February 1, 2020; May 1, 2020 and August 1, 2020.