1. How many training participants does BEP expect or want to be trained as the results of this activity?

About 20 mid-level public officers + another 10-15 senior officers for half-day or one day event.

2. Is it expected to train one group of participants on all topics, or is there to be a training curricula of approximately 10 days, where participants will be assigned to different training based on initial needs assessment?

Both options are possible, and it would depend on the needs assessment. Bidders should propose methodologies for the needs assessment and training.


3. How detailed are training curricula expected to be for the proposal? Do you want to see outlines for training topics and their content or do you want full training agenda – with the understanding the needs assessment and gap analysis will drive the final training products.

Outlines for training topics and their preliminary content will be sufficient.


4. You propose 10 training days, again:

a) Is this 10 training days total anticipating a single set of training for all participants?


b) Is this 10 training days anticipating there we might have three training groups – meaning there may be 20 or 30 or 40 days total of training?



5. The proposal is specific on the minimum number of training days but it calls for consulting assistance support.

a) Are the “consulting” days in addition to the 10 days of training?



6. Is teaming between companies for joint participation in this Request for Applications allowable in the form of consortium?



7. In section 1 of the application form (The Applicant) – is the suggested information needed only from the consortium lead or for all members of consortium? Is the application form supposed to be signed only by the consortium lead representative or by representatives of all members of the consortium?

Only the consortium leader is supposed to fill in the information in the section 1 fo the application form and sign the application.


8. If submitting as a consortium are all members of the consortium supposed to submit supporting documents (articles of incorporation, organizational chart, personnel policies and procedures, financial reports for last three years?

Only the consortium leader is supposed to submit the supporting documents.


9. In the section 3 of the Application form (Institutional capacity), is it expected that the required information is provided for all consortia members (brief description, experience, references)?



10. Under the “number of grants” is it expected to list only grants, or may service contracts with donor/development aid organizations be included, too?

Service contracts should also be included.


11. If submitting as a consortium are annual budget supposed to be submitted separately or cumulatively?

Information on the annual budgets should be presented separately.


12. When presenting experience of the consortium members is it to be provided in the descriptive form or does it require supporting documents (contracts / letters of recommendation)?

There is no need to submit supporting documents as a proof of applicants/partner’s experience at this stage.


13. The terminology “organization’s Articles of Incorporation” – are you asking for the company’s Certificate of registration of the legal entity within the Agency for Business Register (“Rešenje o registraciji APR-a”) or is it the Certificate regarding the current ownership structure of the legal entity (“Izvod o pravnom licu” APR-a)? Do we need to provide you with the new documents or will the documents received from APR in last three months will be appropriate?

The latest Potvrda or Resenje o registraciji is sufficient. However, Articles of Incorporation are something different – it is By-laws (Statut) for non-for profit or Osnivacki akt for profit organizations.


14. When you speak about cost effectiveness, could you please clarify what is meant with the question: "Is the grantee contributing cost-share or providing in-kind support?"

The question is – is there any other support for this project, either cash contribution (provided by the applicant or other donors – but not included as contributions for any other US Government project or program), or in –kind support.












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