1. RFA indicates that the ''Project intends to provide up to 30,000 USD in total funding to be allocated over a period of 4 months
. Since when using the term ''Project'' the RFA refers to the Business Enabling Project in Serbia under which this specific assignment for management training for public officers should be implemented, our dilemma is will the whole 30,000 USD be directed for implementing the engagement for management training for public officers? Is the 30,000 USD the budget for the entire RFA-2012-07?

USAID Business Enabling Project intends to provide up to 30,000 USD for the implementation of management training for public officers working in governmental institutions in the Republic of Serbia. The ceiling amount of 30,000 USD should include all costs related to the implementation of the training activities, the requirements of which are outlined in the RFA.

2. Within the Part 4 - Annexes of the Full Grant Application form certain documents that are to be submitted along with the application are mentioned. Do these documents need to be translated in English by the official translator or could they be submitted in original language form?

Supporting documents can be submitted in original language (Serbian).


3. Within the Part 4 - Annexes of the Full Grant Application form it is requested to submit copy of the organization's personnel policies and procedures. Please specify which documents are you interested in enclosing on this matter?

The Applicant is expected to submit Pravilnik o radu or Pravilnik o organizaciji i sistematizaciji poslova (if available), as well as an organizational chart.


4. Please specify in which language the training curriculums, training materials and provision of training programs should be delivered, since the audience would be drawn from the public officers working for the Serbian Government. ?

Training curriculum should be produced in both Serbian and English language. However, handouts or additional reader material do not need to be translated into English language. The trainings are to be delivered in Serbian language.


5. Is negotiation expected to be conducted with each of BEP counterparts or some kind of joint information, expectations and needs are already available in SUK (Serbian Government Human Resources Management Service)? Is there conducted some kind of preselecting of targeted participants?

Discussions need to be done with each USAID BEP counterpart separately. The applicant is expected to work with BEP to identify the participants.


6. Does the BEP Project (or BEP counterparts) has some expectation on number of participants in planed Management Trainings?

Number of participants / trainees can vary between 15 and 25.


7. Within the section 3 of the Full grant application form, point 4 (annual budget review) you request from the applicant to fill the table containing column''number of grants received''. Do you require from the applicant to submit only the number of the grant contracts signed during the year or even the amount of grants received over the year?

The Applicant is expected to fill in only the number of grants received during the year in question under the column ''Number of grants received''.


8. RFA indicates that the technical proposal should not be longer than 15 pages. Does this include Annexes as well (part 4 of the full grant application form)? Does this limit of 15 pages include staff CVs also?

The technical proposal should not be longer than 15 pages in length. However, CVs of key staff members can be considered as an attachment to, though an integral part, of the technical proposal. Annexes, as per Part 4 of the Application form, will not be counted toward the page limit.






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