1. Please Can you briefly explain us the way of the payments? As said in the document, “All payments will be a fixed-sum payable upon completion of deliverables” – does this mean that payments will be after six – seven months period or after finalization of some phase within six months project?

Under fixed-obligation grants, payments are made based on the agreed fixed-price per deliverable/milestone as specified in the grant agreement. Disbursements will be made upon the Grantee’s successful completion and the Project’s acceptance of deliverables/milestones and tasks described in the grant agreement. The frequency of interim reporting and payments is based on the grants milestones and payments schedule defined within the duration of the grant agreement, which means that payments are made in the course of the project duration.


2. Do all of those three projects need to last for six months or this depends on the strategy we propose?

Please see previous Q&A under point 4.2. on
Applicants should propose duration of campaigns, but they should be within the maximum grant duration of seven months envisaged by the RFA.


3. Please send us USAID BEP’s branding policy   


4. Should all three projects be part of one application form, in other words presented on 15 pages only?

Yes. All three areas should be a part of one project proposal.  The technical proposal should not be longer than 15 pages in length. However, CVs of key staff members can be considered as an attachment to, though an integral part, of the technical proposal.  Attachments described in the RFA will not be counted toward the page limit.


5. The Study on Construction permit was originally envisaged to be finished by May 5th. In Q&A you replied that it will be finished by the end of May. Please send us the main points, guidelines or topics from the Study.

A preliminary draft version of the Study will be sent to bidders by email on request. This document is only for bidders use and should not be distributed further or used for any purpose other than preparing a proposal under this RFA.


6. How do we treat costs towards potential subcontractors (VAT excluded or included) – please specify

Applicants are not advised to plan subcontracting of the proposed activities. However, organizations are strongly encouraged to form consortia/partnership to prepare responsive applications to this RFA, should they do not possess sufficient technical or operational capacity to implement the proposed project activities.  A consortium should be represented by a prime applicant that will submit the application on behalf of the consortium. In the event that the organization opts for partnership, the tasks and assignments of all partners involved, will have to be clearly specified in the proposal.





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