1 . Who will be responsible for the foreign and/or local experts fees and/or travel and accommodation?  Are there any travel and/or accommodation requests that we need to be aware of? Are there any speakers' fees that need to be included in the budget?

USAID Business Enabling Project (BEP) will be responsible for recruitment of speakers, including three international (one from an EU country and two from the region), as well as approximately 20 local (all from Belgrade). However, the awarded organization is expected to make organizational and logistic preparation for the speakers, and pay fees and travel costs for the three foreign speakers, as local ones are all from Belgrade.


2. Is the agency expected to prepare the content of the forum topics and to prepare the speakers the presentations, i.e. prepare the key points?

USAID BEP will prepare the Forum agenda, while all the presentations will be prepared by the speakers.


3. Have some contacts already been made with any speakers, or all speakers are to first time hear about the conference when we invite them 2-3 weeks before the event?

Majority of speakers have already been contacted by USAID BEP.


4. Does the forum need to be organized in late March? I ask this because it’s a tight deadline, and it would be more realistic to aim for early-mid April.

We should aim at organizing the Forum on the week of March 19.


5. What is an expected way of communication for gathering the audience (e.g. are there any mass-media ads planned), who exactly should be in the audience and do we need to include some promotional/communication expenses in the budget? Is the media expected to attend and what kind of media presence is necessary/desirable?

Media is expected to attend the Forum, however press release and other media arrangements will be done by USAID BEP.

A total of 200 participants are expected to attend the conference, including representatives of the Government of Serbia, brokers, investment funds, companies, institutions that organize and monitor the market and media.

The awarded organization is expected to provide the following:
- Engagement of a cameraman and shooting of the Forum
- Burning of the Forum footage on 200 DVDs
- 250 conference-branded folders, pencils, note pads, and USB flash drives


6. How many speakers should there be in total? Where do the speakers come from?  How long should they stay?

Around 20 speakers are expected at the Forum. Two speakers will come from Croatia and one from EU, which means in total six overnight stays.


7. Are attendance fees planned for the audience?



8. What is the expected amount of "branding" inside the venue?  

Two conference-branded roll-up banners and one roll wall is recommended to be produced.


9. What amount and specification of printed material and/or other material should every participant get at the event?

Every participant (250 in total) should have a folder with agenda, list of participants, notebook, pencil and an USB flash with uploaded speeches and presentations.


10. What is the language of the conference, and are translation services to be arranged only for English, or for any other language as well?

The language of the Forum is Serbian, but simultaneous translation for English should be available during the duration of the Forum.


11. Would you prefer a full (seating) meal for attendants (and/or speakers) or just a catering lunch during the lunch break?

Catering lunch (buffet) is preferable.


12. Is there any VIP and/or special event that needs to be included in the event?



13. What about PR services and costs?

Please see under point 5.


14. Are media relations will be needed for the conference?

Please see under point 5.


15. Will the organizer be allowed to make the sponsorship contracts for the conference with third parties?

You can raise additional funds to cover the costs for the organization of the Forum, however it is not anticipated that grantees generate income under grant awards issued by the USAID Business Enabling Project.


16. Will the organizer be allowed to charge the delegates fees for the conference?







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